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Minggu, 03 Februari 2008

Find Out All Keywords That Bring You Sales Within 3 Minutes

Find Out All Keywords That Bring You Sales Within 3 Minutes
by: Egidijus Andreika

The effectiveness of an internet marketing campaign can be summed up in three words: search engine ranking. The higher your website’s position is in search engine results, the more popular it is. Popularity means two things – increase in revenues and greater traffic. To bring these good fortunes into your website, you need to pinpoint the keywords that bring customers and potential new clients to your website.

See these examples: “Snag PGA-standard Golf Shoes at Half Price Now!” vs. “Avail of Golf Footwear like the ones used by Players in the PGA at discounted prices!” Which is more effective and delivers the most impact? If you go for the latter, you must seriously reconsider your banners and ads. Both deliver the same message but the first ad is more likely to draw in a lot of clicks. Why? It uses strong words and a focused keyword. You can use SEO campaigns and pay-per-click advertising services in order to boost your sales and traffic but how do you find which keywords reel in the money? Here’s how:

Measuring click-through rates

Click-through rates are simply the number of times people clicked on your advertisements. Where is the keyword in this scenario? Do not forget that the life of your banners and other advertisements is built on words but not just any word. Banners and advertisements reel in potential customers by being targeted and focused.

There are two ways by which you can measure click-through rates: PHP and ASP Scripts and CGI Script.

There are plenty of CGI Scripts for tracking click-throughs available online. Install the script in your website but make it invisible so that visitors will not feel that they are being watched or something. You can also opt to have a CGI Script custom-designed for your website if you have extra cash. You can also inquire about CGI tracking scripts from your web host.

If a CGI script is passé for you, you can opt to go for PHP and ASP scripts in tracking your keywords’ click-through rates. Ask your web hosting service provider if it supports the script you want. You can also inquire about server-side scripts to find out which is more compatible for your website.

Online tracking services

If scripts are too technical for you, there are online tracking service providers you can sign up with. These providers usually let you try the free version of their tracking client so you can shop around for the best deal before upgrading to a paid version. Paid versions are generally more useful since the providers let you have automated reports detailing click through rates and other important information you can use to beef up your internet marketing campaigns.

You can also sign up with internet marketing and affiliate networks like Click2Sell.EU for a marketing campaign. Affiliates can use your own advertisement materials to ensure consistency and quality in your ad campaigns. By using its own software, the network can provide you with updated reports about your traffic, click-through rates, lets you track keywords and sales each keyword bring and even lets you manage your affiliates for maximum efficiency.

Tracking which keywords bring you the money lets you streamline your internet marketing efforts so you can focus on the keywords and methods that produce results.

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